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Initiation into Intimacy

with Reverend Adriane Wolf and Joseph Rolley

Free Talk: ‘Invitation to Intimacy’ – Friday, November 4th from 7-9 pm  

Retreat: Sat., November 5th from 9-5 pm & Sun., November 6th from 10 am-3 pm Cost: $165 / $195 after 10/1

What is it that stops the flow of intimacy? Do you have, in this present moment the quality and depth of intimacy with self, others and the cosmos that totally satisfies your heart?

~Experience profound intimacy ~Reclaim your power ~ Reconnect to source ~Learn to communication with authenticity and kindness ~Balance and heal the divine feminine and masculine ~Begin to heal the wounds of our ancestral lineage ~Release the shame, blame, guilt that divides us ~Open the heart to give and receive love

Initiation into Intimacy is an invitation to explore and answer these questions at a level that few dare to inquire. You will be taken on a journey that fuses shamanic journey, sound healing, holotropic breathwork and self inquiry. You will discover a profound level of intimacy by healing the divine masculine and feminine within.

About the Facilitators

The Reverend Adriane Wolf (Siri Kirin) has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for twenty years. She studied under Yogi Bhajan (who brought Kundalini Yoga to the west) and Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa. She has facilitated workshops in Costa Rica, Alaska, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. Her love of the Divine has lead her to many diverse teachers, practices, lessons, and adventures. She has studied Metaphysics, Tantra, Shamanism, World Religion, and the Merkaba. Her commitment to Tantra and the union and healing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine led her to apprenticing with the Fountain of Life group which focuses on womb/hara shamanism and the healing of sexual trauma and experiential wisdom of the body and its primordial creative potential. In 2007 she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister at The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies in NYC. In addition to teaching she does spiritual counseling, and energetic healing. Adriane weaves her heart connection of the spiritual path, shamanic wisdom and ritual with energy psychology. Contact:

Joseph Rolley has been assisting people with creating vibrant wellness for over thirty years. He is co-creator of the M.A.G.I.C. Retreat and Laughter Sound Healing which combine the ancient wisdom of China, India and Egypt using frequency and voice to create powerful and lasting change. Joseph is an owner of a wellness center in Colorado called Yoga West Community and is host of Vibrant Wellness Radio with Dr. April Goggans. Contact Joseph at 970.589.0288. 0r

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Initiation into Intimacy

Member Appreciation Day

Friday, October 21 from 6-8 pm

Potluck at 6 pm, Gratitude Gathering at 7 pm FREE

Please join us for a potluck and Gratitude Gathering! Everyone is welcome!

As we shift into new dimensions in the Universe, many of us are beginning to become more aware of these new energies. We can see our lives changing drastically, on both an individual and collective scale. We are beginning to see how much more change is about to come in the months ahead.The earth is trying to ground us while we start a new evolutionary journey through the galaxies. At times we may experience intense emotions of sadness, anger, and fear. It is our job as light beings to come together and help expand this light to each other and to people and areas that need it. At this gathering, we will be discussing and envisioning how to bring positive change, as a whole and individuals, to our community. We will be realigning our energies into one unified body. We will be combining the vibration of sound, love, and harmony and expanding it around us. There will be an organic potluck to start the evening off, followed by singing, dancing, and meditation. Come sing, come dance, come connect. Please bring an organic dish to share with the group as well as any singing bowls, drums, crystals or musical instrument.  

YWC Inspirational Cinema Presents:

LOCAL – A Short Documentary

Friday, 10/28 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Love Offering

Do you know where your food comes from?

In the past ten years, the organic food industry has become big business and consumers have been left wondering exactly what the word “Organic” means and how they can really know what they’re eating.

With the rise of farmer’s markets and more and more chefs sourcing their ingredients from local farms, consumers are now able to meet and talk to the people who are growing their food.

LOCAL discusses the rise of the local food movement, the challenges of sourcing locally and how it’s become a growing part of the Austin, Texas food scene. To see the other films or to learn more about the project, visit the website at:

Immediately following the movie there will be a short discussion lead by Kate Ramsay.

About Kate Ramsay

Kate has lived in Grand Junction for the last 13 years with her husband and two boys. She attended Mesa State College and holds a degree in Environmental Science. She really enjoys the outdoors and frequently goes on paddle boarding trips with her boys. She worked within the Environmental Regulatory industry for seven years and was able make the jump to owning and managing Natural Order Supply in 2015 with her husband Dan. Their store provides organic gardening supplies and is located in Grand Junction in the Cottonwood Mall. They strive to help enable people cultivate how they want to with respect to the environment, their goals and budget. Their vision is to help put education and gardening techniques back in the every day skills Rolodex, after all, it wasn’t until the 1940’s that grocery stores were a commonality. As a general rule their store does not stock products owned by Monsanto (now Bayer). She is also a co-chair for the Western Slope Women Grow Chapter with is a national business networking group for professional in the cannabis industry.

Contact: |


Sunday, October 30
3:00pm to 4:00 pm
Love Offering
Kirtan led by Nikki Williams at 3:30 pm Kirtan is a group practice of singing, chanting mantra, playing instruments, and meditation. The healing vibration of sound can help ease our minds into a meditative state and open our hearts. No experience necessary, just come, be free and help raise the vibration! Please bring musical instruments and songs to share.
About Nikki
Nikki has been a yogi ever since her first class, where she rolled a mat out in the back corner of the room with no idea what she was getting into. She calls it “Love at first Savasana”.


Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training

with Amanda James, E-RYT200, RCYT, PranaKriya Prenatal Certification
Saturday, October 22 9:30am-5:00pm and Sunday, October 23 9:30am-5:00pm
$650 (www.kiddingaroundyoga for available discounts)
You are invited to a Kidding Around Yoga free family class:
Kidding Around Yoga, an international children’s yoga and stress management teacher training program, is excited to be in Grand Junction, teaching participants skills to improve children’s health, behavior, and lives. Kidding Around Yoga instructors share games, stories, and specially composed music to get children of all ages and abilities motivated and moving. Techniques presented during Kidding Around Yoga’s Teacher Training program build strength, flexibility, a sense of calm, and interpersonal skills in children. “Our program provides educators, parents, therapists, and coaches methods to teach Yoga and stress management techniques to children so they can find peace on the inside, regardless of what is happening around them,” says Haris Harini Lender, founder of Kidding Around Yoga. Lender developed Kidding Around Yoga to include breathing instruction, relaxation techniques, strengthening and stretching Yoga poses, and of course, imagination. According to Lender, “The magic of Kidding Around Yoga is our creativity and music.” Our blend of independent online learning (OKAY) and 2 day face-to-face intensive training is a fantastic way to learn to teach kids in only a weekend. KAY graduates have the practical knowledge to begin teaching yoga to children and families immediately, whether in a yoga studio, a rec center, or school classroom. Nothing gives us more joy than to watch our trainees sharing the gift of yoga with the children in their communities.
About Amanda Jones
Amanda James is an accidental yogi. She didn’t find yoga until after her children were born and she began looking for a way to reconnect with her breath, tame her anxiety, and feel stronger in her own body. Even after stumbling through her first yoga class, she was hooked on the positivity and energy created during practice. Amanda quickly decided that sharing such a powerful experience was her path and she graduated from her 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training in 2007. She immediately began teaching beginner’s yoga and soon found that her own children loved to “play yoga” with her. Being an elementary and middle school teacher herself, Amanda embarked on what would become her passion – yoga for children and families. She was one of the earliest graduates from Kidding Around Yoga and immediately put it to use, volunteering to teach yoga to “at-risk” students at her children’s school and starting a popular family yoga class in her community. Amanda is such a believer in Kidding Around Yoga’s methods, music, and joyful energy that she is now a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, the writer for KAY, as well as part of the marketing team. But her favorite professional role is that of KAY trainer, because she knows that the lessons and practices that children learn through play during a Kidding Around Yoga class can change their world. So the more KAY teachers she reaches, the more peaceful, happy children there will be for our future.
Contact Info for Amanda James phone: 727-744-0702

Cuddle Yoga with Leah Kenyon & Deborah Rosenbaum, MT

Living in Tantra – Community Tantra Education
Saturday, 11/12 from 7 pm – 8:30 pm
A safe, light-hearted space for adults to receive the therapeutic benefits of platonic touch, Cost: Love Offering Cuddle Yoga is a safe, light-hearted space for adults to exchange the therapeutic benefits of non-romantic touch. It’s specially designed for people who give, give, give, and need to recharge: mental health professionals, educators, massage therapists, parents, people in strained relationships, singles. If you need to refuel, this workshop is for you. Numerous studies show the physical and mental health benefits of touch, but many people are not getting the touch they need to stay healthy. In Cuddle Yoga you’ll experience greeting hugs and two-handed handshakes; hand, shoulder, and foot massage and back scratching; longer embraces while answering meaningful and fun questions; quiet snuggling during mindful breathing; arms-around-waist in a circle; back-to-back meditations, and the Spoon Train-lining up on the floor for a restful, comforting group snuggle.
Students who reserve ahead receive two thank you gifts from Leah and Deborah. These gifts are not available at the door: $40 off suggested donation for a 2-hour, in-home private Tantra session for singles (regular $120), and 20% off full body massage with cranio-sacral therapy (regular price $80). Living in Tantra is donation-based. Tantra is the art of using pleasure in a conscious way to awaken to the divine beings we are; it’s the practice unconditional love.
How to Register: Call 970/242-5094, visit or go to Living In Tantra on Facebook.
Leah Kenyon 970/242-5094

Dances of Universal Peace with Bernie Heideman

Saturday, 12/3  Potluck starts at 6pm.  Dance from 7-9pm. Love Offering

The Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) are a spiritual practice of singing and dancing the sacred phrases of the world’s religions to raise consciousness and promote peace. They combine easy chants with simple group dance. Live music and instruction are provided. Potluck is at 6 pm and dancing begins at 7. Come enjoy this extraordinary community event! Dancing is appropriate for kids 10 and up.

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