Sherry Cole

Sherry Cole

Sherry Cole is of The Global Heart and has led meditations, visioning circles and life rituals for individuals and groups over the past ten years in Grand Junction.  Her personal intention this year has been to nurture greater understanding and appreciation for everyone with whom she comes in contact. 




Group Meditation
Sundays, 8-8:40am and 9:30-10am

On Sunday mornings, there are now two opportunities to come to YWC for meditation.  As usual, there is the meditation which offers 40 minutes of silent and seated solitude complete with your choice of a chair or plenty of floor cushions and blankets to support you!
At 9: 30 am, a twenty minute meditation is also offered just prior to the Global Heart Gathering which begins at 10am.  This shorter meditation is usually silent, as well, however live music may be used to open and close the quiet time when a musician is available.
All are welcome at either meditation.  Whether you are a beginner or a devotee, you are invited to join the circle “to just be”.

Global Heart Gathering
Sundays, 10-11am

The Global Heart is an independent spiritual center where we celebrate the Possibilities and Oneness of All Life. At our Sunday morning gatherings, everyone has the opportunity to lead and learn.  People from diverse faith backgrounds and life practices come together  in a non-judgmental and welcoming space to grow, experience new ideas and approaches and marvel at the splendor of a Life so Large it nurtures us all equally and with great benevolence.
All are invited to come with an open mind and heart to our interfaith gatherings at 10am each Sunday morning. Community pot luck follows at 11:30am and is open to everyone whether they attend at 10am or not.  We know you are blessed and a blessing and would love to meet you!

Community Potluck
Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Bring your favorite delicious dish for brunch and try all the yummy and healthy foods that are loved by those who offer it! Greet, meet, eat and play as a nice addition to our day!