Joseph Rolley

Joseph Rolley

Joseph serves as co-founder of Holistic Shift. Holistic Shift provides corporate and public education in Stress Reduction, Weight Management and Tobacco Cessation. Joseph is also the founder and innovator of Yogong, a body/mind system for personal healing and growth combining Yoga, Qigong and bodywork. Joseph’s classes and workshops include Yogong Movement, Yogong Bodywork, Turning Stress into Success, and Creative Pathway Retreats.



Bliss Meditation
Mondays & Fridays, 8am-8:45am. By Donation

The Bliss Meditation takes participants through four dynamic steps. In Step One the breath has the capacity to eliminate deep rooted engraved memories that are the reason for the lack of clarity in decisions and thought processes. Step Two quiets the constant inner-chatter in the mind. Step Three radiates positive emotions & well-being through accessing the seven key energy centers in our body that are associated with specific emotions. Step four un-clutches and liberates the mind.

Buddha’s Meditation
Wednesdays, 8am-8:45am. By Donation

Buddha’s Meditation class begins with ten minutes of very slow and gentle standing and sitting hatha yoga postures. The movement is designed to encourage both stress reduction and deep relaxation to prepare the body for meditation. The Buddha’s meditation consists of sixteen contemplations. The first set of four contemplations begin with developing an awareness of the breath and the body. Then step by step one develops awareness of the emotions, the mind and the impermanence of all things.

Intuitive Yoga
Wednesdays, 9am-10am. By Donation

Intuitive Yoga assists students to become aware of the patterns of stress and holding in the body that lead to tension and pain. Gentle movement combined with awareness of the breath allows stress and tension to unwind. In this class you will learn how to do more by doing less.

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Phone: 970-589-0288