Heidi Kitchen

Heidi Kitchen

Heidi is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  In addition to sharing the educational aspects of the body of yoga, she seeks to assist students in clearing and quieting minds, reducing stress and anxiety, easing depression – bringing greater health and vitality to the body, while fostering an attitude of self-acceptance and confidence.  Heidi is an avid mountain biker and mother of two beautiful daughters who believes that alignment with your Being will get you the body you love faster than a thousand squats ever will. 

Yoga Tabata Fusion 
Thursdays,6:00 – 7:00

A fun, challenging and effective blend of cardio, core, and yoga for toning/strengthening, increasing heart rate, boosting metabolism and burning calories.   Designed for all ages, sizes and shapes.  Exercises can be modified to suit any fitness level.  

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Contact Info:

Email: heidiranae2009@gmail.com 
Website: yogawestcommunity.com