Global Heart

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The Global Heart is an independent spiritual center where we celebrate the Possibilities and Oneness of All Life.  At our Sunday morning gatherings, everyone has the opportunity to lead and learn.  People from diverse faith backgrounds and life practices come together  in a non-judgmental and welcoming space to grow, experience new ideas and approaches and marvel at the splendor of a Life so Large it nurtures us all equally and with great benevolence. All are invited to come with an open mind and heart to our interfaith gatherings at 10am Sunday mornings.

Each Sunday morning, we offer meditation at 9am for 25 minutes and 9:30am for 20 minutes.  You are welcome to attend one or both on any Sunday.  The Global Heart has contributed to the Yoga West Community by establishing a Free Book Exchange and a Recycling Drop Off not only for YWC members but for anyone passing by, as well.  You will find both on the west end of the front of the building.  Please kindly rinse out glass, plastic and cans before putting them in the totes.  We know you are blessed and a blessing every day and would love to meet you!  

Regular Sunday morning meditations:

9:00 – 9:25am focusing on Peace in our World and amongst all peoples.

9:30 – 9:50am to set a loving tone for our weekly gathering at 10am 

We Open to 2017 and Our Personal Power

Highlights of this month:  

On New Year’s morning, we focused on the intention to rest assured that our lives are touched by and filled with all good things in 2017.  We know the same for all in this world, no matter where they may be.  Love circulates and expands ease, wisdom, kindness, plenty and peace for all our brothers and sisters every day.  On January 8, we brought our attention to our regular Peace Sunday by exploring the concept of Eternity.  Incredible discussion, questions and openings for all present.  

Plan ahead for February by marking the 5th on your calendar to join in a circle on All Kinds of Love.  We will also begin looking at how to garden indoors and out as an expression of love that is good for us and the planet.  As always, all are welcome to attend!

As The Global Heart undertakes the journey over the next many months of making Grand Junction A City of Peace, we welcome your ideas and participation.  You are always welcome to arrive early at 9 or 9:30am to sit in peaceful meditation before we gather at 10am.  Even if you arrive after meditation has begun, you may enter quietly and find a place to sit.

Come add your light to our circle!  We are at The Yoga West Community each Sunday morning unless noted here otherwise.

For more information on the Global Heart, please call our mobile phone at 970.361.8308.

I use my Power, Clear Intentions and Loving Kindness to better my life and the lives of others in this world.  And, so it is!